Dragino Gateway devices - Get Started


This section describes the installation and basic usage of remote.it for Dragino devices.

This instruction is based on operations with the Dragino LG308 LoRa Gateway running on firmware lgw-5.4.164031589. If you are using a different firmware version or a different device, the actual contents and messages displayed may differ from those described in this instruction.


Helpful remote.it links

Once installation and registration are completed you may quickly expand to monitor an entire fleet of gateways and other remote.it enabled devices.

Dragino Requirements

remote.it supports the following Dragino devices:

  • Firmware version 5.4.1632916986 or higher
  • Device model:
    • LG01N, OLG01N (Note: LG01-P, LG01-S does not support)
    • LG02, OLG02
    • LG308, DLOS8
    • LSP8
    • LIG16
    • MS14 series (If installed with the same firmware.)


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