Logs and Notifications

General Logs

Logs contains Event History on the Account. Click on "Logs" on the left side Navigation. Permissions of events are based on your subscription level and your role.

The following logged events will be displayed:

  • Online//offline events of devices to which you have access
  • Connection events (your connections and other user activity, if you are the device owner or have manage capability on devices in an org)
  • Your account activity such as login.

Amount of history you can view is based on your subscription level for the account. See Subscriptions and Licensing

This information is also available via API

Device Logs

You can also get a filtered event log for a specific device. Rules for access to event data is based on the same permissions as listed for general logs.

Click on the Device name from the Device list, then click on the Device name in center panel and then Logs in the right panel. 

This information is also available via API


Remote.It provides online/offline event notifications via Email, App notifications when using the Desktop or Mobile Apps, and can also send notifications to a webhook url. Click on your avatar, then Settings, and Notifications to set your preferences.


Enable Email notifications to have all all online/offline events sent to your account e-mail. Each event is a separate email for each device. 


System notification

Enable "System" notifications to display notifications as they are triggered in the Desktop App and Mobile Applications.



You can implement a webhook to receive these notification programatically. Click here for more information on webhooks.


Notification Latency

  • Online notifications will be sent almost immediately.
  • Offline notifications will be sent almost immediately, if the system was shutdown or rebooted using specific "shutdown" or "reboot" commands. Using command line options to stop and start the connectd daemons directly will also send notifications immediately.
  • If the reason for your device going offline is an unexpected interruption of power or internet connection, it may take up to 15 minutes to receive the offline notification.



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