Subscriptions and Licensing

Remote.It is free for up to 5 non-commercial Devices. You can add additional Devices, but connections, logs and scripting capability will be limited to the first 5 Devices created. Logs of Devices and activity are limited to the past 7 days under the Personal plan.

Devices are licensed by the owner of the Device and permissions to connect, view logs and run scripts are controlled by the subscription status. For example, if Joe owns 6 Devices and is on a Personal plan and were to share all or just the 6th Device to Mary, then Mary would be able to view the Devices shared, but would not be able to connect, view logs or run a script on the 6th device. This applies even if Mary had her own Professional or Enterprise plan subscription. Events in the logs are based on the permissions for user at the time of the event.

When using organizations, a similar rule applies. A member of the organization with paid seat (licensed member of the organization) will be able to connect to all Devices of the organization. Any member of the organization who doesn't have a paid seat (unlicensed member of the organization) will see all of the organization's Devices, but will only be able to connect to the first 5 Devices created in the organization. Additionally if the organization individually shares Devices to a user (User is not a member of the organization), the user would be able to view all Devices shared, but connection, viewing of logs, and running of scripts depends on the organization license (i.e. Professional or Enterprise).

When sharing individual Devices and/or Services, the user doesn't need a paid seat on the organization. 


Subscriptions for individuals and organizations can be managed at Note: For organizations, you must be the organization owner to change the licensing.

Successful subscription purchases are effective immediately.  In order to see changes, you may have to refresh your device list in the desktop or web portal.

Management of seats for organizations is available in the Desktop application. To change the number of seats, select "...More", then "Subscriptions" and "Update" on the Professional plan. Update the number of seats as desired, and the interval and finish the purchase.

See organizations for details about adding members and assigning seats.



Payment Types accepts most major credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. To use Apple Pay, use your iPhone/iPad or Safari browser. To use Google Pay, use your Chrome browser. 

Note: Due to changes in regulations for cards issued in India, you should use Apple Pay or Google Pay. If this is not possible, please contact


When you create an account in, you are assigned a license key. 

This key can be viewed at This shows current subscription plans for your user and details such as the number of devices and if you are over the limit when using a Personal plan.




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