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This section describes installation, device and service registration and basic usage of for Axis devices.

This instruction is based on operations with the AXIS P1447-LE IP camera running on firmware 10.9.4 using the device package for Axis v4.14.1. If you are using a different firmware version or a different device, the actual contents and messages displayed may differ from those described in this instruction.

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Once installation and registration are completed you may quickly expand to monitor an entire fleet of cameras and other enabled devices.

Axis Requirements for Axis supports the following Axis devices that are compatible with ACAP platform.


Architecture for Axis Remarks
 v11.3  armv7hf




 Available  * Some files will remain during uninstallation. Please contact us for details.

Known issues for Axis version 4.17.10 has the following known issues.

  • Due to an issue that depends on the firmware specification, some files will remain during application uninstallation. (v9.80)


Fixed issues in v4.17.10 for Axis version 4.17.10 has the following fixed issues.

  • Fixed an issue in which update installing of the application or upgrading the firmware (AXIS OS) would initialize the configuration.
    Note, we have confirmed that firmware upgrades only work between the same major version. (e.g. v10.9 -> v10.12)
    Please check the if it works in your local environment before updating between different major versions as it may not work properly.


Fixed issues in v4.17.8 for Axis version 4.17.8 has the following fixed issues.

  • Support AXIS OS v11. (armv7hf, aarch64)

  • Fixed an issue that in Apps menu in the Web UI of the Axis device, the state is not properly reflected in the toggle that indicates that is starting. (armv7hf, aarch64)


Fixed issues in v4.17.6 for Axis version 4.17.6 has the following fixed issues.

  • Fixed an issue that the result of service adding/deletion is not reflected and does not go online automatically.


Fixed issues in v4.14.5 for Axis version 4.14.5 has the following fixed issues.

  • Resolved an issue where the Web UI would take more than 10 minutes to display when the camera did not have an Internet connection.

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