Microsoft Remote Desktop from macOS to Windows

Check out the official video tutorial on this subject, found here!

Before you begin, you will need to:

  1. Create a account at the website, found here.

  2. Install the Desktop App on both computers (Mac & Windows), found here.

  3. Install a RDP client on the Mac computer. We recommend using Microsoft Remote Desktop, which can be found in the App Store.


  4. Both devices must be on, awake, and connected to their respective networks .

The following​ actions are to be performed on the Windows PC you intend to connect to.

  1. Configure your Windows PC for Remote Desktop
  2. If you haven't already done so, Set up a new device on the Windows PC.
  3. Add an RDP remoteit Service on port 3389 if one was not created automatically when you set up a new device in step 2.

Now you are ready to connect remotely.

Connect Remotely from a Mac

Now, from a Mac computer, open the Desktop App and log in.

After a few minutes, the Device you registered earlier will appear in the Devices view. Click on the device. You will see a button representing the RDP service you registered earlier.

Now click on the button to pop up the menu:

Click on "Add to Network".


Click on the clipboard icon to copy the address.  Now open the Microsoft Remote Desktop application.


Click on the “Add PC” icon:


A window will appear. Paste the localhost address, then click “Add.”

Double click on the newly created entry to launch the connection.


You may see a warning from the Microsoft RDP software. This warning is to be expected unless certificates have been configured. just acts to carry the Microsoft connection.


Enter your Windows account credentials here:


If you are planning to frequently remotely connect to your Windows computer, and would like to get rid of this pop-up, please see the information provided below:

Your Windows desktop will open and you can use it as usual!  The screenshot below actually shows a connection to a Tinkerboard running xrdp.


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