Microsoft Remote Desktop from Windows to Raspberry Pi

These instructions tell you how to view and control your Raspberry Pi or other Linux PC from a remote location using a Windows computer and Remote Desktop Connection.   Why would you want to use RDP on a Linux system when VNC is available? Supposedly, RDP is more efficient in its use of network bandwidth than VNC.

Summary: These instructions show you how to install xrdp on your Linux device to allow a network connection from a Windows PC running Windows Remote Desktop Connection. Next, you’ll learn how to configure a Service that is compatible with xrdp so that you can easily connect to your Pi from outside of your local network.

Step 1: Install the xrdp Windows Remote Desktop service on your Raspberry Pi or Linux device

In a terminal window on your Raspberry Pi, run the following commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install xrdp

Next, confirm that xrdp is in fact running with the command:

ps ax | grep xrdp

You should see something similar to the image above. The first column of numbers on the left is likely to be different.

Note:  on some systems it may be necessary to also install xorgxrdp as shown:

sudo apt install xorgxrdp

Step 3: Add an RDP Service on port 3389

Step 4: Make a remoteit Connection

Check the Service Configuration.  Select the RDP Service and then click on "Connect".


The configuration shown below will automatically launch the Remote Desktop Client with the connection information.  Make sure that "Launch Type" is set to "Command".




Click on "Connect and Launch":


After about 5 seconds the Connection will be established.


Click on "Connect", then click on "Yes" when you see this warning.



Next, enter your Raspberry Pi's account credentials:

Now you're connected to your Raspberry Pi's GUI using RDP!
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