Samba Windows file sharing for Linux

The Samba package allows Linux PCs to access the file system of Windows PCs over a LAN. See for many more details. Below, we demonstrate a configuration which uses a Samba Service on a Raspberry Pi configured for a LAN application (pointed at the Samba server) running on a Buffalo NAS device. We use the Service installed on the Pi to access the Samba server on the NAS, where we don't have shell access and can't install directly.


Configuring the Service using the connectd interactive installer

First, install connectd on your Raspberry Pi. Use the interactive installer to add a Service to a LAN application pointing at the NAS ( and configure it to use Samba on default port 445. 

After giving the Service a name, you should see that the server at the IP address you gave is responding with "OK" in the "Application" column of this new Service.




Connecting using the web portal

Now, return to the web portal and connect by clicking on the Service name:


This returns the proxy server's URL and port in a generic dialog:



Use the proxy address with smbclient

We will demonstrate the Samba smbclient command using this proxy address and port.

  • <port> - port value from the TCP connection dialog

  • <hostname> - hostname from the TCP connection dialog

  • <folder> - the NAS folder we are accessing

  • <password> - password on the Pi running the smbclient command

smbclient -p <port> \\\\<hostname>\\<folder> <password>
pi@raspberrypi-90:~ $ smbclient -p 32642 \\\\\\share raspberry 
WARNING: The "syslog" option is deprecated
Domain=[HOME-NET] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 3.0.21c]
smb: \> ls
. D 0 Tue Jul 11 14:30:22 2017
.. D 0 Sun Apr 22 19:24:52 2007
pictures D 0 Sat Aug 17 13:03:48 2019
Office Backups D 0 Sat Aug 22 19:20:50 2015
trashbox D 0 Mon Jul 8 07:31:54 2019
Music D 0 Tue Jan 1 20:50:38 2019
.DS_Store AH 8196 Sat Jul 13 11:07:32 2019
Scans D 0 Thu Nov 24 07:43:00 2016
Documents D 0 Sat Aug 22 18:40:22 2015
Squid D 0 Sat Aug 22 18:40:36 2015
Web Pages D 0 Sat Aug 22 18:36:56 2015
_Audio D 0 Sat Mar 25 16:12:34 2017
.Trash-1000 DH 0 Fri Jan 15 14:51:08 2016
Software D 0 Wed Mar 29 07:28:34 2017
shared laptop drive D 0 Tue May 16 18:25:52 2017
487417548 blocks of size 1024. 53455724 blocks available
smb: \>
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