Making Connections with the Desktop App


The Desktop App provides the most persistent and stable connections by using Peer to Peer (P2P) technology. Unlike Proxy connections, P2P connections do not time out. Other advantages of P2P connections are quicker connection times, faster data throughput, and higher security.

To learn more about Peer to Peer Connections, visit the link below:

Peer to Peer Connections


Another advantage of the Desktop App is its user-friendly interface, as well as its helpful tools and shortcuts.

To learn more about the basics of using the Desktop App, visit the link below:

The Desktop App


Making Connections

To make a connection using the Desktop App, first navigate to the Devices tab. Here you will see all of the Devices you have access to, sorted in alphabetical order.



 An example of a typical Devices tab

Click the Device that you want to connect to. You will be shown the list of Services that are hosted on that Device. To connect to one, click the green Connect button. Once you are connected, the button will turn blue.



I've connected to an SSH Service

For more information on the connection, you can click on the Service. There you can find data such as the Connection URL, the Connection Type, the Bind IP Address and Port, and more.

Additionally, you can enable Proxy failover for your connection, so that if the Peer to Peer connection cannot be established the connection will be created using Proxy servers instead.

To stop a connection, simply press the blue Disconnect button.


The Connections Tab

The Connections tab is helpful for keeping track of your current and most recent connections. On this tab you can see all of the Services you are connected to in one place, so you don't have to sort through your Device list to find your connections.

It also allows you to locate and manage your most recent connections. If you lose connection to a Service or something goes offline, you can find it easily in your Connections tab.



An example Connections tab


Connection Shortcuts

When using the Desktop App, you will notice that certain Services, such as SSH or VNC services, have shortcuts that make using the Service much easier.

For example, if I click the Clipboard icon next to a Service that I am connected to, I will instantly copy the Connection URL to my clipboard.




Additionally, has Quick Launch shortcuts for certain connections. Depending on your platform, can instantly launch SSH or VNC connections.



I can attempt to launch the SSH Service straight from the application

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