Problems installing the Remote.It Device Package

There are several ways to install and configure Remote.It Services using the Device Package.  See symptoms and solutions for common problems.

Your device could not be found

One of the installation methods, documented here, will display a "claim code" on the device's console, which you enter into the dialog in the web or Desktop application.


If you get a "Your device could not be found" error message:


It likely means:

  • You made a mistake while entering it
  • The code has expired because it was generated too long ago.  The claim code is valid for 8 hours.

In the case where the claim code has likely expired, you need to uninstall the Device Package and start over.  Use this command to uninstall the remoteit Device Package and clear the configuration file /etc/remoteit/config.json.

sudo dpkg --purge remoteit

Now, you can install the Device Package again to get a new claim code, or use the streamlined installation method which automatically registers an SSH Service as well.

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