Uninstallation for remote.it on Dragino device

To uninstall remote.it, remove the program on the Dragino device and delete the registration information on the remote.it cloud.


Uninstall remote.it

Remove the remote.it package installed on the Dragino device.

1. Access the web UI of a Dragino device, then click on the “Remote.it” menu in the “Systems” tab.



2. Click the "Remove" button.



3. If the device registration is successful, you can see the message “Removal complete” in Status.



4. Click on the "Refresh" button and the status message will change to the initial two red messages. The uninstallation is complete.



Delete the remote.it device

Next, delete the information of the target device registered in remote.it.


1. Launch the remote.it desktop app, sign in, and make sure the target device is "offline".  



2. Click the dot icon in the upper right corner of the device detail view, and then click "Delete Device" in the menu.



3. Click the "DELETE DEVICE" button on the confirmation screen.


Confirm that the device has disappeared from your device list.
The uninstallation is now complete.

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