Registering Services on the Axis device

Register the services you want to connect to using registers the services to be connected for each applications (ports).
As an example, here are the steps to add HTTP, SSH, and RTSP services on the Axis device.


1. Go to the device list in the desktop app and click on the name of the device you registered.



2. Click the Add Service button (plus icon) in the middle pane.



3. The configuration screen for the service to be added will be displayed. Select "HTTP" from the "SERVICE TYPE" pull-down menu, and click the "SAVE" button.



4. Confirm that the service you added appears in the service list in the center pane.



5. Follow the same procedure to add SSH service and RTSP service.
* For services that do not have a preset in the pull-down like RTSP, you can use the TCP type to edit the service name and port number.





You can see that the service shown in the center pane still has a strikethrough (offline status). These will need to wait a bit before coming online automatically.



6. Wait a moment and the service you just added will come online. (The strikeout line is gone).
* If the service does not come back online after a short wait, try clicking on the reload icon in the upper left corner.



This completes the registration for the service.

* Please refer to the following guide on how to connect to the registered service using

Connecting to your Services

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