Registering an Axis device as a target device

Register an Axis device with installed to your account as a target device to connect using


1. If remoteit has not started, turn on the "Start" toggle for remoteit, which has been added to the Apps menu.



2. Click on the "Open" button when it appears.



3. Note down the “Claim Code” value displayed in the newly opened tab, or copy it to the clipboard. Please note that the “Device name” shown here will be registered as the device name in


This Claim Code is valid for 24 hours. Please note that if you do not register your device within this period, you will need to uninstall and reinstall



4. Launch the desktop application installed on your PC, sign in, and click the Add Device button (plus icon) at the top of the left pane.


You can also use the desktop application installed on a different PC than the one connected to the Axis device.



5. Enter the code you write down in the field for Claim Code, and click the check mark button.



6. When the device registration is successful, the message "<device name> was successfully registered!" will be displayed.



7. Confirm that the name of the registered device has been added to your device list.



Device registration is now complete.
Next, register the services on the Axis device to be connected using

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