Install the remoteit agent on your device

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Embedded Devices and Headless applications

There are two versions of the remoteit agent available:

  • "Device Package"
  • "Command Line Interface" (CLI). 
remoteit Version Individual configuration method Use for mass production P2P initiator Network scan Windows macOS Linux
Device Package claim code with Desktop Application yes no no no no yes
Command Line Device command line yes yes yes yes yes yes

remoteit Device Package

The Device Package is suitable for most embedded devices and headless installations on Linux. 

Most users (including Raspberry Pi and OpenWrt users) will find the following instructions the easiest way to perform installation and 1-by-1 configuration.  This method requires the use of the Desktop Application.

Installing the remoteit Device Package

Configuring remoteit Services when using the Device Package

If you need more detailed information, you can find the Device Package downloads and instructions at:

remoteit CLI

The remoteit CLI supports Windows and macOS as well as Linux.  Find the CLI downloads and instructions at:  For configuring individual Devices and their Services, all commands are executed directly on the device's command line.  It is not necessary to use the Desktop Application.

Windows, Mac, Desktop Linux

The Desktop installer for Windows, macOS and Linux also supports configuration as a connection endpoint.  Use the Desktop instead of the CLI if you also wish to have the Desktop features available.

See: remoteit Desktop - Overview and Features

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