Personal Accounts - What you need to know offers a Personal account which is free - there is no monthly subscription fee.  We encourage you to try to take advantage of the great features and benefits.  Providing a free account is the easiest way to accomplish that.

A Personal account is meant for two types of users:

  1. An individual who has a small number of devices - five or less - and uses for personal (non-commercial, non-business) use.
  2. Users who want to try for a short period of time before committing to a paid plan.


Personal Use

Any individual who uses for personal use may do so for as long as they choose.  While you can add as many devices as you require, you can only connect to the first 5 devices added.  For six or more devices, connections will not be supported and a Professional plan subscription will be required.


Commercial/Business Use and Trials

For business users, we understand that in some cases it may be necessary to try before making a commitment to the Professional plan.  While we think our Paid plans is an amazing value, there are situations where a trial may be necessary.  Personal plans allow you to setup and trial for short periods of time, typically less than 30 days.  For longer periods, or more information, please contact to discuss your requirements.

Connection Restrictions

We want to keep free for personal use.  The best way we can do this is by providing our non-business users with up to five devices for free - connect as often as required.  We don't prevent you from adding as many devices as you want, we only restrict connections to the first five devices added when using a Personal account.

We're confident that once you try and then need to connect to more than 5 devices for personal use, you'll agree that our paid plans are reasonably priced!


If you have more questions, please contact for more information.


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