Making a repeatable, persistent connection

When you make connections using the web portal at, you may notice a couple things.

  • The connections expire after about 8 hours (2 hours for public connections)
  • The connection changes every time you access the link

Persistent connections

The web portal can only make proxy connections, while the desktop Application can make both proxy and peer to peer connections.  To get a persistent connection that does not expire, you will need to install and use the remoteit Desktop application which you can download here.

In general, but not always, the performance of a peer to peer connection will be better than a proxy connection, and it can be set to reconnect automatically to maintain the connection in case of any interruption.

When setting up the connection, set the "Routing" parameter to "Peer to peer only" and set the "Timeout" value to 0.



In some cases, peer to peer connections are not possible, especially if the target is on a cellular modem.  If you have trouble making peer to peer connections, try setting "Routing" to "Proxy only".


Repeatable connection URL and port

In the remoteit Desktop application, both peer to peer and proxy connections use localhost:port to define the connection.  This lets you use the same connection information from day to day, whether the connection is persistent or not.  This will let you save the connection information, for example as a browser bookmark in the case of connecting to a web page, or a connection setting in an application such as PuTTY or Filezilla.


The localhost connection URL is only valid on your client computer.  If you wish to create a shareable link, the connection has to use a proxy connection.

Learn more about peer to peer and proxy connections here.


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