Configuring remoteit Services on devices with Desktop

You need to use the Desktop or the remoteit web portal at to manage services on Devices which have the remoteit Device Package installed.  This means you can manage services without a local connection to the device or having to connect to the device's console.

Edit Device to add Services

To add Services, click on "Edit Device".




Click on the "+" as shown in the next dialog to add a Service:


We are going to add two Services.

  • ssh on port 22 to allow console access and file transfers
  • http on port 80 for the OpenWrt admin panel (this only applies to OpenWrt by default).
Add an SSH Service on port 22

Choose "SSH" for the Service type and 22 for the port value.  Set the Service Name to whatever you like.




When the text becomes highlighted, your Service is online.  This may take about 10 seconds.


Add an http Service on port 80
Enter the information as shown (pick your preferred Service Name as you see fit), then scroll down and click  on the blue "Save" button.
After a few seconds, the registration will complete and you will see your new Service in the list.
Continue in the same fashion to add additional Services as needed.


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