Device & Service Sharing


For more precise sharing you can simply share a specific Service with another user. All you need is the email that is associated with their account, and the Service you share will appear in their Devices tab. 


Share a Service

To share a Service, simply click on the Device that has the Service that you want to share. Then click on the Share icon in the upper right. 


You will be taken to the Sharing screen for that Device. Enter one or more valid email addresses into the bar at the top. These are the user that you will be sharing the Services with.

Select the Services you want to share, or just use Select all. You can also decide if you want to give the users the ability to run scripts on the Device. When you are done configuring the permissions, click the Share button.



View Shared Users

You can view the Shared Users on any Device that you own. 

Click on the Device and you will see a Shared Users tab, located underneath the Edit Device tab.


Click on the tab and you will be brought to a screen where you can see all the users who have access to your Device, as well as what Services they have access to. You can click on their email address to change their permissions, and you can click the Trash icon in the upper right to revoke their access. Remember to click Share to save your changes.

For sharing your entire Device List at once, refer to this article:

Device List Sharing

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