Glossary of Terms

Below you will find some important terms used in documentation and applications.

Term Definition Example
Networked device A physical object, generally speaking a computing device with a network connection, upon which you install software, for the purpose of making a remote Connection

Raspberry Pi

Windows PC

Linux PC

macOS laptop

Proxy connection A type of Service which remaps the port
Reverse proxy connection A type of Service, used only to connect to web servers, which does not remap the port Service
The combination of a hostname and port (except for reverse proxies), which you use in your client program or browser to connect to an Application


Connection The functional description of the Service you are using

SSH Connection

VNC Connection

Application An program running on the networked device, to which you make a Connection.




RealVNC Server

Remote Desktop Server

Device A grouping of Service, whose name appears in the web portal or client applications, allowing you to select it to make a Connection, run a script, etc.

Raspberry Pi #001

Joe's Windows Laptop

AWS Ubuntu instance #7

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