You initiate a connection to a remote Service using the "Connections" tab, which is equivalent to the "Devices" page at the portal.

Here you can see all the Services you can connect to.

  • A question mark indicates that the state of the Service is unknown.

  • A grayed-out circle with a dash indicates that Service/Device is offline.

  • A green checkbox and circle indicates that the Service/Device is online.

  • A blue circle indicates that the Service/Device currently has an active connection.

An example connections page


You can click on any green "CONNECT" button to establish a peer to peer connection. This will provide you with a localhost ( address along with an generated port value which you can use in your application.

  • Copy the connection string to the clipboard by clicking on the clipboard icon.

  • Click on a connection to see more information.

  • Disconnect with the blue "DISCONNECT" button.

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