Desktop Application Release Notes

Version 3.21 Aug 8, 2023

Includes CLI v3.0.34 and connectd v4.18.4


  • Connection and online history time series graphs
  • Updated connect to “this device” service pages
  • Added device count to organization membership page
  • Add device button visible on small screens

Bug Fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.20 - June 27, 2023

Includes CLI v3.0.33 and connectd v4.18.2


  • Added modal display for restore command or code copying
  • Renamed 'start' button to 'connect' button on desktop
  • Updated hostname error

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed attributes display on device list
  • Fixed long device list names not being contained
  • Fixed share un-share event icons
  • Improved columns button modified state
  • Fully load device before launching
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements


Version 3.17 - May 1, 2023

Includes CLI v3.0.33 and connectd v4.17.0


  • New satellite subscription plan
  • Improvements to highlight the active organization
  • Tags displayed on networks list
  • Tag management for users without an organization
  • Improvements to the auto update process

Bug fixes and performance improvements


Version 3.16 - March 28, 2023

Includes CLI v3.0.30 and connectd v4.17.0


  • Rename desktop application to
  • Improved Windows installer
  • Support for insecure web connections
  • Added Alpine platform support
  • Update launching for RDP, SSH and VNC connections
  • Support owner’s ability disconnect another connection created by another
  • Added upgrade banner notice
  • Changed windows tray icon color

Bug fixes and stability improvements


Version 3.15 - Feb 16, 2023

Includes CLI v3.0.17 and connectd v4.17


  • Support for OIDC identity providers on Organizations
  • Display user email in avatar menu
  • More device list sort options
  • Windows ARM system support
  • Native agent support for ARM processors
  • Users of an organization will access all their organization owned devices and networks while in the context of their organization

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed agent startup on system boot
  • Improved named connection certificate handling
  • Remove TCP service types default launching with URL
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 3.14 - Jan 26, 2023

Includes CLI 3.0.14 & connectd v4.17.0


  • Smarter add and edit service forms with intelligent URL parsing
  • Connection diagram for quick connection stats and debugging
  • More detailed connection info with listed checkpoints
  • Improved easier to use service and connection screens
  • Allow customising services and tags added on device registration
  • Paste a list of emails into the contact selector dialog.
  • More supported device platforms added
  • Bug fixes, UI improvements and performance enhancements

Version 3.11.5 - Aug 25, 2022

Includes CLI 2.0.8 & connectd v4.15.0


  • Improved connection support
  • Windows 7 fixes


Version 3.8.0 - June 06, 2022

Includes CLI 1.8.8 & connectd v4.14.0

New features

  • Connection defaults setting page - allows setting of launch details per protocol, which can be locally overriden
  • Organization guest pages - shows users to whom individual Device and Services have been shared
  • Member user pages

Updates to existing features

  • Announcements renamed Inbox
  • Display roles page for professional accounts so that they can see how roles work
  • Display organization avatar in membership page
  • Allow changing connections after they have been added to network


  • Listing where default tokens were found (Connection Defaults)
  • Connection starting state display
  • Restore offline device
  • Fixed duplicate names when sharing to multiple users
  • Add line break rendering for status and category columns in device list
  • Handle missing device owner

Version 3.7.1 - May 18, 2022

Includes CLI 1.8.7 & connectd v4.14.0


We have a whole new look and feel! This redesign takes advantage of making our desktop and web experiences more consistent. ( will now the primary view with additional enhancements, but don't worry you will still be able to get to the original web portal for features that are yet to be supported such as scripting) See our blog for more details.

Introducing the Business Plan subscription which includes:

Customizable device list columns and enhanced list filtering

Add tags to your devices and filter by them


Various bug fixes and performance improvements


Version 3.6.0 - Feb 22, 2022

Includes CLI 1.8.0 & connectd v4.14.0


Selectable and resizable columns on the device list


Performance and stability improvements

New platform types support


Version 3.5.3 - Feb 11, 2022

includes CLI 1.7.64 & connectd v4.14.0


  • Fix 401 auth errors on bad clock synchronization
  • Various bug fixes

Version 3.5.2 - Feb 8, 2022

includes CLI 1.7.64 & connectd v4.14.0

New Features

Major Fixes

  • Feedback link improvements
  • Improved connection state management
  • Google sign in fix
  • Improved service scanning on local device.

Version 3.4.2 - Dec 16, 2021

includes CLI v1.7.60 & connectd v4.13.0

New Features:

  • Device transfer is now supported
  • Device list now allows multi-select platform filter
  • Added simple copy url link

Bug Fixes:

  • Connection performance improvements

Version 3.3.2 - Dec 1, 2021

Includes CLI v.1.7.51

New Features
  • Organizations updates
    • Device list sharing is now organizations
    • Now able to assign and purchase licenses for organization members
  • New connection enhancements
    • Choose to launch by command or deep link url
    • Choose to Auto launch (default on for web services)
    • On Mac or Linux you can now edit the bash launch command
    • On Windows you can edit the powershell launch command
    • Configurable application path tokens
    • See indicators on changed connection options
    • See connection options now available on the service page
  • Logging improvements
    • Full device name display in logs
    • Indicate if a device was deleted in the logs
    • Add missing log messages for new events
Bug Fixes
  • User login bug fixes
  • Connection default settings fixes
  • UPD connections failing fixed

Version 3.2.2 - Sept 29, 2021

Includes CLI v.1.7.48 and connectd v4.13.0

New Features

  • Global search which allows you to search for a device or service
  • Added support for purchasing and viewing past billing information in the More... Menu next to licensing
  • New Device level notification settings

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed line breaks in a link
  • Fixed copy address button bug
  • Change shareable link to connection link and remove display
  • Fixed some devices not appearing when loading more

Version 3.1.5 - August 19, 2021

Includes CLI v1.7.48 and connectd v4.13.0

Bug Fixes

  • Updated target host setting and cli command interface
  • Added windows root cert handling
  • Fixed public connection bugs
  • Changed references to "system service" to "system agent"
  • Updates for npm version 7.21

Version 3.1.4 -  August 17, 2021

Includes CLI v1.7.47 and connectd v4.13.0

New Features

  • Connection
    • Certificate handling for https connections
    • Named connection URLs
    • Windows RDP launch support
    • Update display of connections in network tab
    • New sharable link
    • Updated network address display and hover states
  • Support
    • Added a send feedback page
  • Device display
    • Added sorting capability for services
    • Device list saves sort and filter state
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added API documentation link under user avatar menu
    • License display improvements with copy license key
    • Two panel layout for settings page
    • Connection count is now in the side bar

Version 3.0.2 - March 31, 2021

Includes CLI v1.7.26 and connectd v4.12.0

New Features

  • Large screen layout
    • Connections and services separated
    • Double panel reactive layout with resizable panels
    • Offline indicated by opacity / Connected by color (blue)
    • New account menu
  • New connection feature with multi-device list autocomplete search
  • Other's connections details
  • On demand connections
  • Register cloud controlled devices
  • Remember username on sign in screen
  • Auto update feature in Linux
  • Log history paywall
  • Network offline state handling
  • Display bind IP address in LAN share page

Version 2.11.5 - February 19, 2021

Includes CLI v1.7.6 and connectd v4.12.0

New Features

  • In app announcements


  • Updated library dependencies
  • Windows installer should not move config on init
  • Updated UX around enabling services
  • Now will display connections to devices that haven't been loaded

Fixed Bug

  • Base connected state on connection enabled value
  • Message windows users about services stopping
  • Fix cloud events disconnecting
  • Fix inline editing saving UX
  • Fixed event canceling for saving inline edit fields
  • Update connection state when sessionId changes
  • Fix reset to default values for copy and launch fields
  • Incrementing port assignments
  • Fixed log loading when device isn't loaded
  • Fixed device details loading failure
  • Session expired error handling
  • Various bug fixes


Version 2.10.1 - February 1, 2021

Includes CLI v1.6.36 and connectd v4.11.0

New features

  • Connection and device online state notifications
  • Check that target service is reachable on setup
  • Display error after connection if remote service is unreachable
  • Configure default connection port for service
  • Connection logging support (raw connectd logging)
  • Filter devices by platform
  • Launch VNC on Windows integration
  • Support full screen mode in windows


  • Showing linked device list users on shared pages
  • Adding a shared user can edit existing permissions
  • Changed icon loading for better performance
  • App name changed to remoteit

Fixed Bugs

  • Fix sorting by color
  • Support token substitution for all occurrences
  • Enabled basic host connection setting

Version 2.9.6 - December 21, 2020

Includes cli v1.6.27 and connectd v4.10.1

Fixed Bugs

  • Windows installer script update

Version 2.9.4 - December 15, 2020

Includes CLI v1.6.26 and connectd v4.10.1


  • Debian Linux (amd64) app now available
  • Filter and sorting menu added
  • Configuration of launch and command templates
  • Binaries bundled in app
  • Added remoteit command to PATH in windows
  • Added symlink to binaries on Mac and Linux
  • Saves connection configuration when signed out
  • Displays a connection notice for devices with 'admin panels'
  • Quick copying of launch and copy commands
  • Updated out of band detection includes new platforms
  • License plans display in settings panel and tab indicator
  • New system confirm dialogs
  • Hiding service indicators for very small screens
  • Ability to restore a device config from the cloud

Bug fixes

  • Don't allow a guest user to uninstall if another user registered the device
  • Display if another user owns this device on the settings page
  • Fix to prevent leaving a device from a shared device list
  • Fixed server error messages not being bubbled up
  • Added handling for backend authentication timeouts
  • Added delete legacy user files safety check for windows
  • Fixed missing system tray on startup

Version 2.8.2 - October 26, 2020

Includes CLI v1.6.14


  • Device list sharing
  • Device sharing
  • UDP connection support
  • Google sign in and OAuth support
  • Minimal UI for remote device management
  • Access device activity logs
  • Control connection routing (p2p, proxy, failover)
  • Service type indicators in device list
  • Context Menus in device list
  • Updated application types
  • In app account creation
  • New device setup screens
  • Displaying shared user connections in connections screen
  • Licensing support for AWS instances

Version 2.7.8 - September 10, 2020

Includes CLI v1.6.5 


  • Connection stability improvements
  • Remote access sidebar platform indicator
  • Same account re-login capability improvements
  • Service name improvements
  • Offline/online state settings improvements
  • Fixed analytics (AMI and non AMI)

Version 2.7.7 - August 31, 2020


  • Feature configuration for AWS AMIs
  • Display platform icon by device name
  • Connection stability improvements

Version 2.7.0 - August 12, 2020

All OSes


  • Proxy failover connections, when peer to peer mode does not connect
  • Configure application without elevated permissions
  • Clear recent connections feature
  • Grouped system tray menu
  • Leave shared device feature
  • Application version added to feedback email

Bug fixes

  • Various bug fixes

Windows specific


  • Windows custom install location support
  • Windows uninstall and unregister locally configured Services when uninstalling
  • 32 bit Windows Support
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