Desktop Application Release Notes

Version 2.9.4 - December 15, 2020

Includes CLI v1.6.26 and connectd v4.10.1


  • Debian Linux (amd64) app now available
  • Filter and sorting menu added
  • Configuration of launch and command templates
  • Binaries bundled in app
  • Added remoteit command to PATH in windows
  • Added symlink to binaries on Mac and Linux
  • Saves connection configuration when signed out
  • Displays a connection notice for devices with 'admin panels'
  • Quick copying of launch and copy commands
  • Updated out of band detection includes new platforms
  • License plans display in settings panel and tab indicator
  • New system confirm dialogs
  • Hiding service indicators for very small screens
  • Ability to restore a device config from the cloud

Bug fixes

  • Don't allow a guest user to uninstall if another user registered the device
  • Display if another user owns this device on the settings page
  • Fix to prevent leaving a device from a shared device list
  • Fixed server error messages not being bubbled up
  • Added handling for backend authentication timeouts
  • Added delete legacy user files safety check for windows
  • Fixed missing system tray on startup

Version 2.8.2 - October 26, 2020

Includes CLI v1.6.14


  • Device list sharing
  • Device sharing
  • UDP connection support
  • Google sign in and OAuth support
  • Minimal UI for remote device management
  • Access device activity logs
  • Control connection routing (p2p, proxy, failover)
  • Service type indicators in device list
  • Context Menus in device list
  • Updated application types
  • In app account creation
  • New device setup screens
  • Displaying shared user connections in connections screen
  • Licensing support for AWS instances

Version 2.7.8 - September 10, 2020

Includes CLI v1.6.5 


  • Connection stability improvements
  • Remote access sidebar platform indicator
  • Same account re-login capability improvements
  • Service name improvements
  • Offline/online state settings improvements
  • Fixed analytics (AMI and non AMI)

Version 2.7.7 - August 31, 2020


  • Feature configuration for AWS AMIs
  • Display platform icon by device name
  • Connection stability improvements

Version 2.7.0 - August 12, 2020

All OSes


  • Proxy failover connections, when peer to peer mode does not connect
  • Configure application without elevated permissions
  • Clear recent connections feature
  • Grouped system tray menu
  • Leave shared device feature
  • Application version added to feedback email

Bug fixes

  • Various bug fixes

Windows specific


  • Windows custom install location support
  • Windows uninstall and unregister locally configured Services when uninstalling
  • 32 bit Windows Support
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