Mobile App Release Notes

Release notes for iOS and Android application.

June 23, 2020

New features

  • iPad support
  • Android Only: Allow creating public proxy connections
  • New in-app browser with peer to peer (P2P) connection functionality
  • LAN sharing
  • Create a new account in app
  • Device view shows which devices are yours and which are shared to you


  • P2P connections allow failover to proxy
  • Show LAN share icon on LAN shared services
  • Services now displayed similar to web portal
  • Manual device list refresh added
  • Automatically turn off "Local Network Sharing" after tapping "Close Connection"
  • Now you can delete devices in the app

Resolved Bugs

  • Show devices with no hardware id
  • Change port on jump proxy target
  • Reverse-proxy connections are public only, peer to peer are private only
  • Secure web fixed for P2P
  • Proxy setting now cleared after connection closes
  • Clear all connections on logout
  • LAN Sharing now working
  • Pull to refresh on Device List
  • Disable auto device registration
  • LAN Share indicator fixed


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