LAN Sharing

LAN (Local Area Network) sharing allows you to share a Remote.It peer to peer connection to a remote service with someone else on the same LAN where you are currently located.

Sharing a service across your local network is a great easy way to reduce time spent setting up additional machines and users with their own accounts. The share is done on a specific service and you can control who can access it. Either specifically to a single LAN address or to a range of IPs.

To demonstrate

  • A has installed and can connect to C
  • B cannot reach C
  • By using LAN sharing, B can connect to C via A's connection LAN address and port assignment.

You will need:

  • A Remote.It Account
  • Desktop App installed on a laptop or desktop computer on the LAN where you will share the connection
  • The device to which you will connect with remoteit installed and setup
  • IP address or network mask of the connecting computers the same LAN as the Desktop computer (If you wish to restrict the connections - more details below)

Set up the connection:

Open the desktop app and select the device on the device list which has the service you will share on the LAN


Setup the connection for LAN sharing

  1. Select the service which you will share
  2. Select the connections tab
  3. Toggle "Auto Launch" to off
  4. Open the options panel on the connections tab



Select "Local Network Sharing" 

  1. Click "Enable local sharing"



Configure your options for sharing and save

  • Bind Address
    The IP address of the LAN device that hosts the service. will default to the private IP of the device it is setup on. NOTE: Only set this to an internal IP address if you want to restrict the connection to a single IP address other than your own.
  • Local Network Security
    • IP Latching
      The first IP to attempt to connect will be the only IP that can access the connection
    • Class-A,B,C Restrictions
      A: IP restricted to network mask /8
      B: IP restricted to network mask /16
      C: IP restricted to network mask /24
    • Single IP Restriction
      Restrict the connection to a specific IP address on the network
    • None
      No network restrictions. The connection to the service is allowed with any IP that attempts to connect.

Example below allows anyone on the LAN with the url to use the connection. (If there are credentials required for the service, they will need to have them. i.e. SSH)



  1. Click the "Add to Network" button
  2. Share the LAN Address and not the address in the blue section which will work only per the rules you configured.

When you stop the connection, anyone else with a connection will also have their connection close.


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