Configuring a webcam with Nx Witness

Create an Nx Witness account

Your first step to setting up an Nx Witness enabled camera is to create an Nx Witness account. You can signup for a free account here.


Setup on your device

Depending on the device you want to setup Nx Witness on, you will need to follow different guides. Here are a few guides from Nx Witness to get you started:

Setup on Raspberry Pi

Since using a Raspberry Pi is so common on, we wanted to provide some even clearer steps on getting Nx Witness setup using on a Raspberry Pi.


Find your download link

Once you've signed into your Nx Witness account, find the ARM download and copy the download link.

Install Nx Witness

Now that you have your Nx Witness ARM ZIP file link, replace <URL_TO_NX_WITNESS_ZIP> in the below commands with that link and execute them on the command line of your device:

cd / 
sudo chmod +x
sudo ./

Run Nx Witness

Now that you've installed Nx Witness you can run the media server with the following:

sudo /etc/init.d/networkoptix-mediaserver start


Start on boot

To have Nx Witness start when your device reboots, run the following command:

sudo update-rc.d networkoptix-mediaserver defaults

Configuring your device

Now that you have Nx Witness running on your device, you need make sure your device is configured to connect to the Nx Witness service.

Adding a Service for Nx Witness

Follow this link to configure a new Nx Witness Service on port 7001.

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