ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

If you receive this error in response to trying to make an SSH connection with a proxy URL and port, please run the ssh command again with the -v (verbose) option, e.g.

ssh -v -l pi -p 23568


Security Violation

If you see this message:

debug1: ssh_exchange_identification: Security Violation<br> Please logout and log back in<br>

it means that our server has detected two different source addresses used in this connection request.  This can happen if you are behind a proxy server or using a VPN.  It can also happen if you are using a mobile device or mobile hotspot for internet connection from the client side.

The web portal's proxy connections enabled "IP Latching" mode by default.  See this page for more information on proxy connection modes.

You may need to select the "Disable IP Restrictions" checkbox shown in the Services Dialog if you are connecting through the web portal.


If you are using the API, please note that the hostip parameter in the /device/connectd call must be your client's current public IP address, not the device's IP address.  Please review the description of connection modes and how to control them with the hostip parameter here.

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