Connection Configurations

When using the Remote.It web portal ( or Desktop App, you can setup connection configuration templates which will update the url or command when connecting to different services.

You can set the default configurations globally for all connections of a service type (for example, SSH or VNC). These global configurations can be overridden for specific devices. These global configurations will only affect your profile when set on the web portal OR on that specific computer for your profile when setting it on the Desktop App.

See the video below for an example of SSH. Please note, that in the case of SSH and HTTP when choosing command, Remote.It will launch using the default client for that type. For example, on a Mac your default SSH client is typically Terminal and on Windows it is Windows SSH - you may need to enable it on Windows. For Service Types such as VNC, you can specify a path to the program on your computer.


You can also set the connection defaults on a specific service on a device. This will override the global setting. See the video below.


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