Installing and device registration

Before installing on your Dragino device, please complete the following:


Check your license key

1. Launch the desktop application installed on your PC, sign in, and click the “Licensing” menu in the “More” menu at the left pane.



2. Note down the “LICENSE KEY” value displayed in the right pane. You can also copy the license key to the clipboard by clicking on its box.


* The "LICENSE KEY" can also be found in the web portal.



Install and register a device

1. Access the web UI of a Dragino device using a web browser on the local network. (When required to login, login as root.)



2. Click on the “” menu in the “Systems” tab.



3. When the "" screen appears, click the "Install" button.



4. Installation process starts. When the installation is complete, you can see the message "Installations complete" in Status.




5. Paste your license key in the box under "2. Register" section and click the "Save" button.



6. If the license key is saved successfully, you can see that there are only two status messages, green and red. (The remaining "Installing remote it ...." message disappears.)



7. Then, click the "Register" button.



8. If the device registration is successful, you can see that both status messages turn green.



9. Launch the desktop application again, and confirm that the name of the registered device has been added to your device list.


* Note that the hostname of the device is used by default as the device name to be registered for You can see the hostname at the bottom of the device's Web UI.



Installation and device registration is now complete.
Next, register the service on the Dragino device to be connected using

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