Connecting to your Services

Once you have configured Services, you can now connect to them.

There are several ways to do this.

Connecting from Devices view

The Services registered to your Devices appear as a group of small grey buttons along the right side of the screen.


Clicking on a button pops up this menu.  If the Connection is not currently in your network, "Add to Network" will be shown.  Click on "Add to Network".


Now you will see "Remove" along with "Copy" and "Launch" icons.


To understand what "Copy" and Launch" do, and customize those to your needs, click on "Connection Details", then open the "Configuration" panel.


Launch Type: URL or Command

When "Launch Type" is set to "URL", and "Auto Launch" is enabled, the Desktop attempts to complete your Launch action by sending a command to the system's default browser.  This is known as "deep linking" and generally speaking works much better on MacOS than Windows.  The exception for Windows would be http/https Services or anything which natively runs in your browser.

URL Launch type and Browser URL for http/https Services (Mac/Windows)


SSH Launch type and SSH Command for Windows


SSH Launch Type and SSH URL for MacOS


Note the token [username] in the SSH Command (Windows) and the SSH URL (MacOS).

You can enter the username to be used.  If you don't, you will be asked to supply it when you launch the connection.

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