Set up a new device

Set up this device

Create a remoteit Device and add remoteit Services to it on the current device for the first time.  This is optional and you only need to do this if you wish to connect remotely to the current device.

Term Meaning


  • A Windows, macOS or Linux based desktop or laptop
  • A device running an embedded form of Windows, macOS, or Linux such as a Raspberry Pi, router, gateway, etc.

remoteit Device

  • The named entry in your account which usually contains one or more remoteit Services.

remoteit Service

  • A named entry in your account, under a single Device, which contains configuration settings allowing remote connections with socket based applications on a single TCP or UDP port.


Set up a new device

When your remoteit Desktop appears, click on "More..." then "Set up this device".


A default name for the remoteit Device taken from the current device's hostname is shown, as well as common network applications for the given OS which have been detected.  Select the ones you wish to enable, then click on "Register".





You may see a system notification at this time, if they are enabled on your OS.




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