RealVNC Viewer from Windows to Raspberry Pi



  1. Make sure that you have a account.
  2. Install the RealVNC Viewer application on your Windows PC.
  3. Install the remoteit Desktop application on your Windows PC.
  4. Enable RealVNC Server on the Raspberry Pi
  5. Install the remoteit Device package on your Raspberry Pi
  6. Add a remoteit Service for VNC on port 5900
  7. Configure Desktop to Launch RealVNC Viewer in Windows

8. Make the connection to the Pi's RealVNC Server

Add the VNC Connection to your network.




Click on "Launch":


It will ask you for your VNC (Pi) username:


You will see an identity challenge dialog the first time you connect.

After that, you will see the VNC login dialog with the username prefilled.


Enter your password and click on "OK".

Now you're connected to your Raspberry Pi's GUI!








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