Registering and configuring a enabled device

Install Desktop App and Create Account 

The user will need to have the desktop application installed on a personal device. The desktop application will be used to retrieve the license, assign or modify services on target devices and make connections to those target services. There are distributions for Windows, Mac, and Linux. A account can be created from the desktop application or web portal if the user does not already have one. If you want to know more about how to create your account, please refer to the instructions here.

Retrieve License Key

The user will need to retrieve their license from the Desktop Application, click "...More", then click on "Licensing". Then copy the License Key.


Register the enabled device

Please refer to your manufacturer's instructions on where to enter the license key on your device. 

Their instructions will likely have information about how to get your device online by joining your wifi network or plugging in an ethernet cable and then using a web browser go to an admin page for the device.

Once this is complete, go back to your desktop application and navigate to "Devices". You may have to refresh the application by clicking the circular arrow buttons to the right of your profile picture in the upper left hand corner.

Setup your enabled device

You will now define the target services/ports for connections. For example SSH, HTTP, VNC, etc.

The device itself must be online to set up any services. The services you define in need to be set up and running on the device. For example if you set up VNC in, but do not have it running, it will not be reachable by

Click on the device to see its details and click the + in the Services panel to add a new service.

Select the appropriate service type. Then provide a name, port, and service host address (Defaults are provided for most services). Only override default ports if you have assigned a different port for this service on your device.
Click save. You will now see the new service.
Repeat this process until you have all the services you want available via 
Some examples of services you may want to set up with your device:
LAN Sharing


Once you configure your services, you are ready to connect.

Simply click on the service name and then on the "Add to Network" button. The Desktop application will provide the information to use for your connection.

By default connections are set to peer to peer with a proxy failover. Click here to learn more.


Additional Features

Manage Access

Bulk Scripting


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