Device List Sharing Becomes Organizations

With the introduction of Organizations, the feature known as Device List Sharing will be migrated to organizations. The new feature will be available on for macOS, Linux, Windows and mobile apps soon!

What is Organizations

For all levels of plans you can now create your own Organization and invite members to immediately collaborate and share all your devices. A single Organization owner can purchase additional seats and assign them to members. This allows members to get access to all devices owned by the Organization.

How it works

Organizations that have subscribed to a Professional plan can add and connect to as many devices as required.

Licensed (paid) members of Organizations will be able to connect to all devices by default.

Unlicensed members of Organizations will be able to connect to the first 5 devices of the organization. users can be members of any number of organizations, easily switching between them on the desktop.



  • No action needs to be taken on your part for this migration to be successful

  • All users of your device list share will be viewable in More->Organization

  • Individual device sharing is not impacted by this change

  • The user creating the organization is the owner and cannot be changed

  • Assign members to a role for fine tuning of access (coming soon)

  • for macOS, Linux and Windows must be used for this feature at launch
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