New Price Plan Announced is launching a new price plan that will impact current paid subscribers.  All current subscription plans will convert to the new Professional plan starting in mid-September, 2021 with the exact date to be announced soon.


The new Professional plan greatly simplifies pricing by giving our users a single paid subscription plan based on how many users (Seats) are required to access and manage your endpoints (devices).  The new Professional plan works out to just $5 per month per user if purchased annually ($60).  There is also a monthly option which can be purchased for just $6 per month per user. 


And as always, we continue to offer a Personal plan which is free.  The Personal plan will also be updated - you may have up to five non-commercial devices.  If you have 6 or more devices, you will be required to upgrade to the Professional plan.


The new price plans will be available to purchase starting in mid-September.  If you require more details or need help understanding the plans, please contact 



New Price Plan FAQ


What are the changes to the plan?

You may add and manage as many devices as you have. We'll also provide you with additional user accounts that can be shared with your work colleagues or anyone you choose. 

Seriously, how many devices and endpoints can I have?

As many as you need.  There is no fine print, really. Register and connect to as many devices as you require.

Will I have to pay more?

No, there is no change in the amount you will pay for the new plan.



Why can't I Subscribe to the new Professional plan now?

We are working hard to make the new plans available for purchase.  We wanted to give everyone advance notice about the new plans to ensure any questions were addressed before the switch to the new plan.  In the meantime, you may visit your Account Page at anytime to purchase one of the current plans, knowing that your plan will convert in mid-September to the new Professional plan.



Why are you including extra user accounts?

Your account will be upgraded to include extra user accounts that can be assigned to other members of your organization. This will be available as an additional and new feature after the new price plan launches. 

How many user accounts are included?

Current Business account subscribers will receive 10 user licenses for every Business Seat previously purchased.  Device subscribers will receive a varying number of user licenses ranging from 1 to 10 depending on how many devices have been previously purchased.

What if I don't need extra user accounts?

You can modify the number of user accounts you require by visiting your account page after the updated plan launches in mid-September. 

Can I keep my existing subscription plan?

All subscription plans will convert to the new Professional plan in mid-September, with no option to maintain your current plan. The benefits and flexibility of the new plan make it the obvious choice to switch.

I have a Business plan, what happens to my account?

The Business plan will no longer be available.  Anyone who has a Business plan will be converted to the Professional plan.  A user that currently pays $50/month for the Business plan will be converted to the Professional plan at $50 per month, and will receive 10 user seats that can be assigned to work colleagues.  In addition, you can add as many devices as required to your account.

I only have 1 or 2 Devices, do I have to pay more?

No, if you are a current subscriber to a Personal plan, your monthly subscription payment will remain the same.  There are no increases to the amount you will pay if you are a current paid subscriber.

If I need to add more devices after I've been converted to the new Professional plan, how much will it cost?

You may add as many devices as you need at anytime. 



Can I add more Seats (users)?

You can more Seats or reduce Seats at any time you choose after your account is converted to the new plan.  NOTE: If you modify your paid account after the new Professional plan is launched in mid-September, your account will convert to the new Professional plan pricing and will be based on $5 per Seat (user accounts) if paid Annually.  The monthly payment option is $6 per month per user.  Your converted account will remain at your current pricing level (the amount you currently pay each month prior to the mid-September account conversion) as long as you don't add or remove Seats. After the conversion any account changes means the cost of the annual plan is $60 per user per year (that works out to $5/month) and you can have as many devices and endpoints in your user account as you require. 



How do the new Personal (Free) plans work?

Free plans are for users with a small quantity of endpoints (devices) that are non-commercial.  That means it is a non-business account and is used for personal use.  You are allowed to have up to five active devices in your account.  By adding a 6th device, it will be necessary to upgrade your account to the Professional plan, even if the devices are for personal use.



Questions and Help

Please contact for more information on the new plans.


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