Auto Registration on Windows 10


1. Create a product definition as shown here.

Save the Bulk Identification Code as you will need it in step 3.

2. Download and install the remoteit Desktop Application 3.1.3 or later from the Downloads page.

3. Configure your Windows PC for auto registration.

a) Open the “Services” panel and locate it.remote.cli.


b) Stop the service it.remote.cli by clicking the blue “Stop” link. The options change to “Start the service”:



c) Confirm that startup type is “Automatic”.



d) Locate the file C:\ProgramData\remoteit\config.json, and delete it if it exists. You will need Administrator privileges to delete the file.


e) Create a new text file, and copy and paste the following text into it. Next, substitute your Bulk Identification Code from step 1 for XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX, then save the file. You will need Administrator privileges to save the file.



f) Now you can clone the OS image. If you reboot this system or restart the it.remote.cli service, and the system has an internet connection, auto-registration will take place. You want to make sure that does not happen prior to OS cloning by confirming the contents of C:\ProgramData\remoteit\config.json.

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