Device Package 4.13

Release date: August 16, 2021

Platform: device package v4.13 for Debian, Ubuntu and Linux distributions.


Please note: This package only installs the target agent (meaning it supports only connections to the device and not the device initiating connections to another device) and introduces some new features including:


Installation and Registration Improvements

  • Simple command line installation
  • Easier registration process using claim codes

Configuration Improvements

  • Improved experience for provisioning devices and configuring services on those devices.
  • configuration on the device is no longer stored locally on the device itself making it easier to clone, transfer, and restore device configurations.
  • Service configurations previously managed on the device administration panel (which required a connection to the device) are now managed by the desktop applications providing a better device setup and management experience. NOTE: Only the device owner can make these changes.
    This includes:
    • Creating new services
    • Updating services such as port assignments, name, type, enabling and disabling.
    • Removing services

Improved Device Manufacturing Support

  • Once a device has been set up, you can then use the image on other devices by adding a configuration file which will allow the device to automatically register and setup into your account. OEM Documentation coming soon.

Smaller footprint

  • Install and run on smaller, memory-constrained embedded systems
  • Large dependency libraries such as Node no longer required
  • Less than 300KB


  • OpenWrt is now a supported



Q: I am using a previous version of the device package in my production environment for new devices, will the old version still work?
A: Yes. You can continue to use older versions, but they will no longer be available on our download page.


Q: I need my devices to be able to initiate connections to devices using, should I use this new package?

A: No. You should use the desktop applications or CLI to support this.


Q: Can I upgrade existing devices to take advantage of the remote configuration features?

A: It depends. Devices currently using the connectd package should NOT be upgraded to the remoteit Device Package. 

See for instructions. Your device will be converted to use the new configuration and retain the existing services and configuration.


Q: I don't see Windows supported, is that available?

A: No, not yet. For now you will continue to use either the CLI stand alone or the Windows desktop application.


Q: I currently use CLI and/or a Windows or Mac application on my devices. Can I remotely configure a CLI or desktop device from my machine?

A: No, not yet. Only the remoteit Device Package can be remotely configured. Rest assured is working on bringing this functionality to all of our applications and support to other distributions.




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