Major release, remoteit Device Package 4.13

The new major version 4.x update of the remoteit device package contains the following significant changes compared to earlier versions, e.g. 3.0.2.

  • At the end of installation, displays a "Claim code" which you enter into the Desktop Application to register your Device and subsequently configure Services on it.
  • No longer supports command line setup or status.
  • Web admin panel is no longer supported.
  • LAN discovery tool is no longer supported.
  • Scan for network services is not supported.
  • Supports auto registration.
  • Does not include built-in P2P initiator functionality.  P2P initiator functions can be accomplished using scripts found here.
  • Does not have a dependency on node.

For information on all options for Device installers, please see:

Install the remoteit agent on your device

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