Support for two-factor authentication

Google Authorization now offers two-factor authorization via direct support for Google authorization in:

If you already have a Google/gmail account, you can use this to create and subsequently access a account.  If you do not currently have a Google account,  but you have already created a account, register your existing e-mail account with Google by following instructions to "Use an existing email address" here:

For signin at the web portal, desktop application, web admin panel (e.g. on Pi), or mobile apps using Google auth, two-factor rules will be applied by Google in accordance with your Google account settings.  See:

Access key/secret

The connectd package installation scripts do not directly support Google login.   They support username/password, which you will not have if you have only accessed using Google authorization.  The connectd scripts also support access key/secret authorization.  Access keys and matching secrets can be managed under the "Accounts" section of the web portal.

See: The connectd interactive installer


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