The remoteit Web Admin Panel


Please note that this section describes a software package which has been superseded. We do not recommend the use of remoteit 3.x for new designs.  For instructions on downloading and installing the most recent device package, please follow this link.

When you first install remoteit, a web server is started on port 29999 which allows you to access the Web Admin Panel to add and configure Services.

When you click on the "Register" (for an unconfigured Device) or "Connect" (for an already configured Device) buttons on the web page, you'll be taken to the Web Admin Panel.




The Web Admin Panel looks almost exactly like the user interface for the standalone remoteit Desktop application.  In fact, they are based on the same code, so this comes as no surprise.  The main thing you will notice that is different is that the Web Admin Panel has a grey border around the edge whereas the Desktop application does not.


Connections made by the Web Admin Panel cannot be used by the computer looking at the Web Admin Panel unless you are viewing the Web Admin Panel on a browser running on the Device itself.

When you have configured a Device with the remoteit package, you will see a connection button for "Admin Panel" in the Device view:


When you connect to the Web Admin Panel using a remoteit connection (as compared to directly on the LAN), you will see this warning on the left side panel.



This is to help remind you that Connections made using this UI will not work, since the UI is so similar to the Desktop Application.

Since using the Web Admin Panel is identical to using the remoteit Desktop Application (with the exception of Connections), we are going to refer you to the remoteit Desktop articles for Service configuration and other features using the links below.

The remoteit Desktop Application

Working with Devices

Working with Services

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