Installing the remoteit Device Package

Connect to your Device

Connect to your device using SSH or using a keyboard and monitor if the device supports those. The device should be connected to an active internet connection, whether via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Install remoteit with the 1-line installer

At the console, copy, paste and run the following command:

sh -c "$(curl -L "")"

Claim code

When the remoteit installer completes, it will display a short alphanumeric Claim Code that you will need to enter into the Desktop application.   Some of the other information which is displayed may differ from what is shown below.


Sample output is shown below.



Take note of the Claim Code (TL3B46NC in this example), which you will need to copy to the remoteit Desktop application to complete registration of this Device.

Enter the Claim Code to Add your Device to your Account

After installing the remoteit Desktop, open the application and log into your account.

Make sure you are on the "Devices" tab, then click on the "+" in the upper right corner of the left panel:




A dialog will appear where you should paste the registration (claim) code which you copied at the end of the previous step.




Once you have entered the registration code, click on the blue "Register" button. After 5 to 10 seconds, you should see a notification that registration succeeded and you should see the new Device in your list of online Devices.




Note the icon to the right of the new Device name.  Notice that as you hover the mouse cursor over this icon, the tool tip "Remote configurable" appears.  Clicking on this takes you to the Device Setup page.



In case of problems with installation

The 1-line installer expects the file


to be missing, otherwise it will not do anything other than copy the files in place.  If you are running the 1-line installer and "nothing happens", either delete this file or purge the package and start over.  See "uninstalling remoteit" below for instructions on purging the remoteit package.


Please report any problems with the procedure above to  Please send us any error messages along with the output of the following commands which you should run on the device's command line:

cat /etc/banner
cat /proc/cpuinfo
uname -a


Uninstalling remoteit

To uninstall remoteit, in the event you don't wish to use it any more, or to start over from scratch, run the following.

Raspbian, Ubuntu, or other Debian-based packages

sudo dpkg --purge remoteit
sudo rm /etc/remoteit/* /usr/share/remoteit/*


opkg remove remoteit
rm -rf /etc/remoteit /usr/share/remoteit
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