Why Aren't My Services Online?

Your Services appearing online is the result of several things.

1) You've waited a few minutes and refreshed the view after installation and configuration.  It can take 2 or 3 minutes before Services appear online after being registered, even though they appear in the web portal, Desktop application, or mobile client.

2) You've made sure the daemons were running.

  • If you installed the remoteit package on your device, see: 

Checking that everything is running properly (remoteit package)

  • If you installed the connectd package on your device, see:

Making sure that your connectd daemons are running and

Keeping your services running (connectd package)

3) Your firewall must be set up properly to allow outgoing UDP connections between port 5959 and 5970.  This is usually enabled by default on consumer routers, but more restrictive network environments may have outgoing UDP blocked.

For more detailed information about firewall requirements for using remote.it, please see this video:

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