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The Legacy web portal ( is an interface to make connections with

This portal is being maintained to provide continued support for Remote.It's long time customers while we transition to using the new web portal at

Accounts with a large number of devices can speed up access using Search or Filter mode.

The standard "Devices" page in works well if you have up to a few dozen devices, but beyond that it becomes difficult to find a specific device without scrolling around. Make your life easier by using the Search/Filter mode.


Filter mode

Filter mode finds the entered string anywhere in the Device Name and is not case sensitive. This mode is the default mode of your account. Filter mode is enabled when "Device Search Only" is not checked, as shown here:


This example shows the filter term "timer" matching a single Device Name, "Game Timer Pi 70".


This shows the filter term "device" matching a number of Device Names.


As you are typing in a Filter term, it does not become active until the third character you enter.


Search mode

Search mode doesn't display any Devices until you enter the term which you wish to be matched in the Filter box.

First, you must select the "Device Search only" checkbox:


Note that no Devices are shown.


Enter a search term and press Enter.


To match a string anywhere in the Device Name, add an asterisk at the beginning of the search term.

If there is no match, you'll see this warning:


If there are more than ten matches for the search term, you'll see:


If this happens, add additional characters to the search term to narrow it down.

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