Upgrade your remote.it AMI Instance

There are multiple ways to upgrade your remote.it Instance.


Option 1

The first way is to execute the Backup & Restore process, which requires you to launch a new Instance with the latest AMI, and then simply restore the files. To learn how to do this Backup process, please refer to this documentation:

remote.it Backup & Restore Process


Option 2

The second way to upgrade your remote.it Instance is to download the latest or specific newer version of the remote.it headless Debian package onto the Instance and install it. Follow the steps below:

1. SSH into your remote.it Instance. You can do this through the remote.it Desktop App.

2. Download the desired version of the headless Debian package onto the remote.it Instance.

wget https://downloads.remote.it/debian/latest/remoteit_amd64.deb


You can change latest to other versions as needed. For example, if I wanted version 1.2.1 I would use:

3. Type:


This will load a background session in screen.

4. Type:

sudo apt install ./remoteit_amd64.deb

You can replace ./remoteit_amd64.deb with any other path to the downloaded file.

You may be kicked off the SSH session as remote.it restarts.

5. SSH back in to the remote.it Instance and it will be updated.

6. Type:

screen -r

This takes you back into your screen session where you can review the output and make sure there wasn't an error during the upgrade.

7. Type:


This exits your screen session.

8. Type:

mv ./remoteit_amd64.dev remoteit_amd64_v[version number]

This renames the downloaded file to include version number for future reference.

9. Type:


This exits SSH.

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