AWS AMI Installation issues


Symptom Root cause Fix/workaround
Link to AMI won’t work AWS Account not set up Make an AWS account
Jump box doesn’t register (no error) Invalid access/secret key or path

Make sure that parameter store keys are entered correctly and have the right path (/remoteit). Paste to a text file first so confirm key and secret.

Follow documentation

Jump box doesn’t register to your account (no error) Wrong account values in parameter store keys (e.g. from someone else’s account). It will register to the other person’s account.

Terminate the instance.

Ask other person to delete the device from their list of devices in

Try it again with your correct access/secret key.

  ARM instance chosen instead of AMD Terminate the instance and start over with the correct type.
Jump box doesn’t register to your account (no error)

Instance profile and policy are not set up correctly or attached to the instance

a) If profile/policy are not correct (following documentation), then fix.

b) If instance profile is not attached to the instance, you have to terminate this instance and start a new instance, attaching the profile.

Device does not appear in Desktop application Desktop application does not update list automatically. If you've just added a new device, you should click on the refresh icon of your "Devices" page to update the list.
TODO: add symptom requires a public IP address with an internet gateway in order to function.  Select a public Subnet. Please review the instructions here.



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