Hosting a Minecraft Server (Bedrock Edition)


Here you will learn how to set up a Minecraft Bedrock server on a Windows 10 computer. You do not have to open any ports and it's completely free. Here's what you'll need to get started:

The steps to this tutorial are:

  1. Set up the Bedrock Server
  2. Host the Server with
  3. Share the Server
  4. Connect to the Server


Please note that Minecraft Bedrock Servers hosted by are not compatible with the pocket edition/mobile version of the game.


Set up

To set up the Bedrock server, simply download the Minecraft Bedrock Server Files and extract them into a folder on your desktop. Then, run the bedrock_server.exe file. Make sure you edit the file to your liking. If you need help setting up the server, refer to the bedrock_server_how_to.html file in the Server Files. Additionally, can you watch our video tutorial here.

Once the server is running, it should look like this:




It's important to keep the Server running for the remainder of the tutorial, as the Server has to be running for to properly host it.


Host the Server

1. Open up the Desktop App that you downloaded earlier and sign in with your account.

2. Click on Set up remote access at the top.

3. Give your PC a name and select any Services you want. For the Minecraft server, you can uncheck all the of Services.


The page will look like this

4. Click Register.

5. Click the + icon to add a Service.


6. Give the Service a name (ex. Bedrock Server) and select UDP as the Service Type. Also make sure the Service Port is correct. The default port for the Server is 19132. Leave the Service Host Address and Routing as default. Then click Save.


Your configuration should look like this

Once you click Save, it might take a few seconds for the Service to come online. Once it comes online, move on to the next step.


Share the Server

Now, share the Server with the people you want to play with. Make sure they have a account and the Desktop App.

1. Go back to the Devices page in the Desktop App and click on your Device.


2. Click on the Share icon in the upper right.


3. Enter the emails of the people you want to play with. Make sure that the email you enter is the one that the person used to create their account.

4. Select the Bedrock Server Service. Then click Share.


Your Server has now been shared, and will appear in your friends Device list shortly. If it doesn't appear, refresh the page.


Connect to the Server

As the host, you don't need to connect to to access the Server. When adding the Server in Minecraft, simply set the Server Address to and the Port to 19132. You will be able to connect to your Server as long as it is running.


This is what the Host of the Server should enter

Your friends will have to use to connect to the Server. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open the Desktop App and sign in.

2. Go to the Devices page and find the Device that was shared to you. 

3. Click on the Device and click the green Connect button next to the Bedrock Server Service.


4. Once the button turns blue, you are connected. Click on the Service and take note of the Port. In my case, it's 33003.


5. Launch Minecraft and add the Server. The Server Address should be and the Port should be whatever appeared in In my case, that's 33003.


As long as is connected and the Server is running, you will be able to join to the Server.


Minecraft might say that the Server is Locating, and it won't display the Server's ping. However, if you press Join Server anyways you will connect.

That's the end of the tutorial. Enjoy your free Minecraft Bedrock server with no open ports!

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