Bulk Scripting Overview


remote.it wants to make your life easier as a product creator and one of the tools we've developed to do that is called "Bulk Scripting".

In essence, Bulk Scripting allows you to run a script (written in any interpreted language you have installed on your Operating System) on any number of devices and then sit back and watch it run.

This is a quite powerful feature and takes away a lot of the drudgery involved in managing thousands of devices in the field.

Q: When should you use a script?

A: When you have a repetitive action that you would like to perform on one or more devices.

Creating scripts

remote.it allows you to write Bulk Scripts in any language your host operating system supports because the script is run just like any other executable script on your machine. This means you can write in bash, Python, Ruby, Node, etc., assuming you have the intepreter installed on your system.

Watch the video at the link below to see how Bulk Scripting works.

Here's a webinar that provides an introduction to scripts in remote.it


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