The connectd interactive installer

Please review the various platforms and features supported by remoteit and connectd at this link.

The connectd package is recommended for use with non-Debian Linux distributions. Windows and Mac users should use the App instead.   If you cannot use the remoteit package, or have been using the connectd package and wish to continue using it, read on.

The "connectd interactive installer" refers to the installed script connectd_installer.   This script is used to set up Devices and their Services one at a time. After you've finished installing the connectd package, can configure Services to connect to your device's TCP-based servers such as SSH, VNC, http(s), etc.

If you would rather learn how to use the connectd package for mass production, please see: Introduction to mass production with

First, you should plan what you want to connect to.


The connectd package described below does not support the feature.


Step 1

Install connectd.

Step 2


sudo connectd_installer

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