Configuring your Device after installing remoteit


Please note that this section describes a software package which has been superseded. We do not recommend the use of remoteit 3.x for new designs.  For instructions on downloading and installing the most recent device package, please follow this link.

There are several ways to configure your Device and add Services after installing the remoteit package.  When the remoteit package completes installation, it will display this message.

mceclip0.png uses your web browser to connect to the remoteit Web Admin Panel on your current LAN and let you add, remove, and configure Services.  Jump to this page for detailed instructions.

The second and third connection options shown above allow alternative direct connections to the remoteit Web Admin Panel in your browser in the event there is any issue with

Command Line Interface (CLI)

There are some situations where or connecting over the LAN won't work.  If you have any trouble connecting using your browser, the use the Command Line Interface.

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