Add a Service to your Device

After the first time you log in, when you run connectd_installer again, you will start here.

You will see the "Main Menu". There is a table of installed Services but you may not have any installed yet. You should install one!



Let's install a Service for the SSH connection. Because the Service we wish to connect to is on this device (as compared to a different device on the same LAN), use option 1, "Attach/reinstall a Service to an application".

Now you will see the "Protocol Selection Menu".



Choosing a protocol here helps determine how the web portal will respond when you make a connection.

  • ssh: connection displays a dialog with sample command lines for an ssh connection.

  • Web - connection opens in your web browser.

  • Secure Web - connection opens in your browser. You can expect to see security warnings when you use this option.

  • VNC - shows a dialog with connection information and options.

    • browser based client

    • separate application

    • Mac screen sharing

  • nxWitness - opens the nxWitness application on mobile clients

Select option 1 for SSH and enter the requested information. Whenever you select a protocol, you are given the opportunity to use the default port assigned to that server.

  • SSH = port 22

  • Web = http on port 80

  • Secure Web = https on port 443

  • VNC = port 5900

  • nxWitness = port 7001

  • Custom TCP = no default value

When the list of installed Services redraws, you will see your new ssh Service in the table along with the detected application.


The interactive installer can be used in a similar way for all types of supported TCP servers.

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