Installing the connectd package on all Linux distributions


If you need to update your remoteit package using a remoteit connection, for example using SSH or VNC, please see: Updating the remoteit or connectd packages using a SSH connection. Failure to follow this procedure will result in loss of connection and inability to restore it without rebooting or accessing the device directly.



The connectd package has a wider range of compatibility among different Linux distributions and CPU architectures than the remoteit package.  It also supports mass production options which are not currently available if using the remoteit package.

To automatically install a compatible connectd package

If you have a Debian compatible OS, the script will download and install a compatible Debian package on your system.

If you don't have a Debian compatible OS, the script will download a generic tar file onto your system. Then you just need to follow a few additional steps to install it.

Non-root user

To download and run the script, copy and paste the following 3 lines to the device's console, then press the "Enter" key:

curl -LkO
chmod +x ./
sudo ./

Root user

curl -LkO
chmod +x ./


Debian OS:

The Debian architecture will be determined and a suitable package will be downloaded and installed using the "dpkg" command.

If you wish to install a tar package instead (e.g. in case the script can't find a compatible Debian package), then run, as the final command in the options given above:

sudo ./ f


./ f


Non-Debian OS

Some files will be downloaded and tested in order to find a package which will run on your device. You may see some error messages during this step. Assuming that a matching package can be identified, the following instructions will be displayed for you to complete manually. The exact connectd file name may be different than that shown below.

We downloaded the file connectd_2.4.26_arm-linaro-pi.tar to the current folder.
As root, or using sudo, move this file to the / folder.
mv connectd_2.4.26_arm-linaro-pi.tar /

Now switch folders to the / folder, e.g.
cd /

Then extract the files to your system with the following command:
tar xvhf connectd_2.4.26_arm-linaro-pi.tar

If you don't see any warnings, run:

sudo connectd_installer

to proceed to configure your device.

If cannot find a matching package, please contact with the output of the following commands:

uname -a
cat /etc/os-release
cat /proc/cpuinfo
file /bin/ls


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