Step 1. Find in the AWS Marketplace

Welcome to the in-depth setup guide for for AWS.

First, locate in the AWS Marketplace.

You can search for "" in the Marketplace, or you can click the link below to be taken to our page: for AWS


1. Click "Continue to Subscribe" in the upper right to subscribe to our software.

2. Once subscribed, click "Continue to Configuration" to configure the software.

3. Specify the region you'd like to launch your Instance in. Please note that we currently only support 64-bit AMI's. Additionally, under "Software Version", be sure to select the latest version of the software. Then click "Continue to Launch".


Be sure to select the latest version of the AMI under "Software Version"

4. Under the "Choose Action" dropdown menu, select "Launch through EC2".


Warning will not function properly if you choose "Launch from Website".

5. Click "Launch" in the lower right. You will be taken to the EC2 Console.

Now for the next step, configuring and launching the Instance. Please be sure you have your License Key ready.

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