How do I get my account authhash?

Use the attached script to retrieve your account authhash.  This script calls the /user/login REST API endpoint, which is documented here.  As it is likely that you will be writing your application in a language other than POSIX shell, this example shows how to call the /user/login API endpoint and extract the account authhash from the returned JSON data.  You need to get the value of the "service_authhash" attribute.


This script works on Linux and macOS.


Open a Terminal Window, cd to the folder where you downloaded the script, then make the script executable:

chmod +x

Execute the script.  It will request your account username and password.  After a few seconds it returns a login token (which you don't need here) and your account authhash (which you do).

My-MacBook-Air-2:Downloads me$ ./ 
Please enter your Username (e-mail address):

Please enter your password:
Your temporary login token is: f01xxxx2e3151339ee2b2efbxxxx2ead
Your login auth_hash is: 5F6F7123456A34E92C11667F2987654B59392CF4
My-MacBook-Air-2:Downloads me$

The token is temporary and can be used for other REST API calls.  The authhash does not expire.



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